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Wilson Experience

Up early as storms are coming in by noon and i want to get to Ft Jefferson shelter on the border trail asap. Out of camp by 6am. I walk a gravel service road for 2 1/2 miles along the 28 three bladed beasts. The trail finally, thankfully dips into the woods for a bit. 1/2 mile in and i do a routine reach back to see if Mini Murph is ok and, shiite, he is not there. A momentary panic overcomes me,  “breath, breath.”  I put my rain cover on my backpack, stash it in the woods, as the rain is coming, and take my rain jacket and begin searching my back trail.   The 1/2 mile back to the service road turns up nothing and by now I have shed a few tears. 2200 miles with my little buddy and now I am on this stupid ass Canada jaunt and I have lost Murph. I am Tom Hanks with Wilson drifting off to the horizon. “No, I will stay here as long as it takes to find Murph”.  The storm is coming so I decide to backtrack the service road. I run. Five miles later, no Murph. Back into the woods at a snails pace. By the time I get back to my backpack with no Murph i am tearing up again. “MURPH” i yell. I am not leaving him to rot in the woods. I head back to begin my search again and there, not twenty feet away lies my little buddy.  So i cry again and we do an awesome NorthWoods celebratory dance. Damn stressful and i am now 2 1/2 hours behind with a storm coming. Beating myself up for piss poor s & r technique but i have murph.  Rain starts an hour later and by 2 pm i am shaking, cold and hungry. Get to Fort Jefferson Shelter by 4 and get into sleeping bag and hot food. Asleep by 5 pm


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Week 1 Stats

Week #1 - 11/20-11/27 Destination: Tonto National Forest Arizona Miles: 460 miles Daily Average: 66 miles per day Side notes: Day #5 Frank had 3 flat tires. Lost his bike pump but was able to patch th

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About Frank

Frank, a Father of 3, Papa of 7, is an active, ambitious and goal oriented person who is bringing his two major passions together in life; his love of the outdoors and his love of Golden Retriever's.

In 2019, Frank embarked on his life long dream of hiking the AT, which he accomplished over a 5 month period! Just over a year later, Frank is ready for his next adventure. To Bike Across America. He will bike from San Diego, CA to New Smyrna Beach, FL starting November of 2020.

Follow along as Frank completes his next amazing journey over the next few months! 

He will be raising money for Golden Retriever Rescue of MidFlorida along the way!



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