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Sprinkler Sabotage...

Late start Thanksgiving day. Had a grande Mexican meal the night before and enough cervesa to sleep very soundly. Got into Phoenix and had to deal with a place to stealth camp. Eluded park rangers and set up on a beautiful soccer field after dark. 11pm awoken by industrial mega sized sprinklers. WTH. Glad to get out of Phoenix next day

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4 days left and being so near to a long sought goal brings some interesting introspection. I am ready for the bike part to be over. It has been long and usually cold days with a lot of mileage. I have

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Miles 351 (6 days) Average 58.5 Destination: Waverly highlights: met Austin Golden Retriever Rescue Group on Sunday. Took a day off on Monday. Cold Cold weather!!

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Biker Frank stats: Week #3 546 miles 78 daily average Destination: Del Rio Notes: brrr cold. Very very cold this week. Summited the highest point of the trip, Emory Pass.


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