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100 Mile Mark!

A lot of people have sent me questions asking “what is it like...”. At near the end of day nine here is my take on the experience -

Go to the Y at 8 in the morning, get on the stair climber for 30 minutes then on the treadmill for 30 minutes and repeat for 9 hours. Take a 20 minute lunch outside sitting on a log or rock. Maybe some Romann noodles and a snickers bar. A few breaks through the day for water. If you have to go to the bathroom, go outside and find a concealed place in the bushes, dig a 4 inch cat hole and make your deposit, cover and head back to the stair climber.  After your 9 hours, put up a tent, cook some cuscus on a small stove and mix in a bag of tuna. Maybe dessert of some Swiss Miss and Pop tarts.  To bed by “hiker midnight” which is 9 pm. Get up and do over. Add a liberal sprinkling of incredible sunrises, sunsets, beautiful mountain views and great camaraderie!!!!!

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About Frank

Frank, a Father of 3, Papa of 7, is an active, ambitious and goal oriented person who is bringing his two major passions together in life; his love of the outdoors and his love of Golden Retriever's.

In 2019, Frank embarked on his life long dream of hiking the AT, which he accomplished over a 5 month period! Just over a year later, Frank is ready for his next adventure. To Bike Across America. He will bike from San Diego, CA to New Smyrna Beach, FL starting November of 2020.

Follow along as Frank completes his next amazing journey over the next few months! 

He will be raising money for Golden Retriever Rescue of MidFlorida along the way!



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