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  • Frank

Late start Thanksgiving day. Had a grande Mexican meal the night before and enough cervesa to sleep very soundly. Got into Phoenix and had to deal with a place to stealth camp. Eluded park rangers and set up on a beautiful soccer field after dark. 11pm awoken by industrial mega sized sprinklers. WTH. Glad to get out of Phoenix next day

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  • Frank

Day 3. Packing up this morning and the Border Patrol was not pleased with my camping location   Great 6 mile downhill on interstate 8 then through the Yuhah desert and then the Imperial Valley. Flat and all agriculture. I am camped 100 yds off the road in a hay field. 81 miles today!!

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  • Frank

Winding down day two. 55 miles pushing small gears most of the day with some great 2-3 mile downhills. Rest and travel, what a concept, unlike hiking. Favorite small town so far - Pine Valley - picturesque with monsterous banana splits. Stealth camping about 1/4 mile from the “wall”   Love being back living the hobo life!!

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