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Made it to Damascus

Made it to Damascus VA. That is a high point of the Trail as the Trail actually goes right through town and is very “hiker friendly”. In two weeks the biggest hiker celebration happens here. Supposedly about 8000 people descend upon this small town for “Trail Days”. Vendors, gear suppliers and free spirits congregate for days. We are going to gorge on town food and camp at the Broken Fiddle Hostel tonight. Also going to mail some weight home; jacket, gloves, cap and my 4 year old backpack. I bought a new Osprey that is 2 1/4 pounds lighter. It is awesome!!

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About Frank

Frank is embarking on a life long dream of hiking the Appalachian Trail. He is heading out on his "walk in the woods", prophetically, on the day he turns 60. Frank has always had a love for the outdoors and nature, but life is not always conducive to a 6 month hiatus to enjoy these things in their entirety. This is his opportunity! Follow his journey over the next 6 months as he completes this amazing adventure. 



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