• Frank

Limbs on limbs

Before you set up a tent for the night you typically check several things; is the ground fairly level and free of rocks/or roots and are the trees free of loose or dead branches. After having done this i set up my tent and just as I was finishing there came a resounding “crack” from above. A rather large branch from a very much alive birch tree was falling on course to crush my cherished abode. At the last moment it somehow twisted to the side and missed the tent. I and the others with me stood in amazement at what had just happened. I escaped the incident with only a minor injury

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About Frank

Frank is embarking on a life long dream of hiking the Appalachian Trail. He is heading out on his "walk in the woods", prophetically, on the day he turns 60. Frank has always had a love for the outdoors and nature, but life is not always conducive to a 6 month hiatus to enjoy these things in their entirety. This is his opportunity! Follow his journey over the next 6 months as he completes this amazing adventure. 



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