• Frank

Week #2- 11/27-12/4

Destination: Hillsboro, NM

Mileage: 540

Average miles per day: 77

Total miles from start: 1,000 miles

Side notes: 4 more flat tires this week. Rode the highest point Emory Pass, NM

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  • Frank

The last two days have been epic and definitely on my all time memory list. The trek over Emory Pass was astounding. Right there was the toughest physical days I have ever had and scenery off the charts. Today, even with morning temps in the 20s, I did 108 miles into El Paso. Knocking down a century ride. Hell yeah!!! Hobo life rules🚴🏻‍♂️😆

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  • Frank

Week #1 - 11/20-11/27

Destination: Tonto National Forest Arizona

Miles: 460 miles

Daily Average: 66 miles per day

Side notes: Day #5 Frank had 3 flat tires. Lost his bike pump but was able to patch the tubes. Got a new pump a few days later.

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